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7 » Jochen from Stuttgart
Danke nochmals für den schönen Abend gestern im Willhelmspalais in Stuttgart!
Eine warme Brise, die untergehende Sonne und dazu eure Musik...unvergesslich.

Herzlichen Dank !

6 » Pete Harrison from Greenville SC
You will notice, four of your early responses here are from the USA. When are you two going to tour beyond Sedona Az? Ralf still has his following from the Circle years.
Anyway, you gentlemen are wonderful together. I hope to one day attend a concert.

5 » Dorian Rudnytsky from Yorktown Heights
In this manner of words, sending my best wishes for your success and joy playing together creating wonderful musical landscapes and tonal geographies and harmonic vistas for all of us out here to explore, enjoy, remember and want to longingly return to. As we say symbolically... "Play loud!"

4 » Jon Hansen from Oak Park, IL, USA
Gentlemen, Thank you for all the great guitar work to date. Looking forward to much more and hope to see you in Chicago someday soon.

3 » Adam Young from Boca Raton
Love you Peter!!! Please come to Florida, United States someday!! My Best, Adam

2 » Marco from Driedorf
Servus Peter, gelungene Seite und wir sehen uns spätestens am 03..11. im K-Werk in Wissen !!! Bis dahin weiterhin ne Menge Gigs

1 » Peter Autschbach
Wir freuen uns auf Einträge, Kommentare, Lob und Kritik!
We are looking forward to read your messages!

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